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28 de julho de 2010

I swore ... (for Ruslana)

I vowed not to look to the sides,

Afraid to discover that he was alone.

I swore not to think in the future,

Afraid of a past so sad.

I vowed not to walk the streets,

Afraid not hear my own footsteps.

I vowed not to write in verse,

Afraid of the words are lost in time.

I swore not to tell you about love,

Afraid of losing you so soon.

I vowed not to kiss her mouth,

Afraid to feel your lips forever.

I vowed not to dream about the flowers,

Afraid of becoming a garden of horrors.

I vowed not to make you caresses,

Afraid can not live without you.

I vowed not to listen more to our music,

Afraid not ever forget you.

I swore no more stroking their hair,

Afraid to feel them in my hands forever.

I swore not hug your body more,

With the fear of our bodies, one.

I vowed not to look in the mirror,

Afraid to see your picture by my side.

I vowed not to touch anything that was yours,

Afraid of becoming their prisoner.

I vowed not you smile again

Afraid that your smile bewitched me.

I vowed not to look directly into your eyes,

Afraid that his brilliance blinded me.

I vowed not to touch your skin,

Fearing for their softness and sensuality.

I vowed not to follow your steps,

Afraid to follow you around the world.

I swore, I swore that I know,

But not my fault if you are like this:

As irresistible as a woman.

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